March 23, 2023

S2, EP9 Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

The application of artificial intelligence (AI) can provide substantial improvements in all areas of healthcare from diagnostics to treatment. o   AI tools will facilitate and […]
March 16, 2023

S2, EP8 Blockchain and Healthcare

Blockchain is a way to have secure patient data within healthcare systems.  While Blockchain technology was created in 2008 for financial systems, eg Bitcoin.  Its use  […]
March 9, 2023

S2, EP7 Financial Independence for Physicians

The millenials are talking about FIRE which is the acronym for “financial independence retire early.”  However physicians do not graduate medical school and finish their training […]
March 2, 2023

S2, EP6 Atrial Fibrillation with Dr. Paul Wang, Stanford

Atrial fibrillation is the most common arrhythmia in the United States.  A skipped heartbeat is not so uncommon, but if you have shortness of breath or […]